Heart-Awakening   21st Century Spirituality

Bill: I just wanted to let you know that the weekly meditation classes you conduct, for the Fund Staff, have been greatly appreciated by the participants, as reflected by the surveys.  Not only have staff learned how to do Mindfulness Meditation and learned about the benefits on the body and mind, but some have started to meditate on their own and are exploring options outside work.  Here is a quote from one such survey:  "This class has been very helpful in not allowing stress to control my life and to help me appreciate the simple things in life".
Thank You!

Celia Shmukler, MD
Medical Director
Wellness and Members Assistance Programs
1199SEIU Benefit and Pension Funds
330 W. 42nd Street
New York City, NY 10036 

When I first met Bill, I was struck by the profound openness in his eyes and smile.  As I got to know him very deeply over time through intensive work together at Waking Down in Mutuality events I led in NYC, I became increasingly impressed by his compassion, wisdom, kindness, transparency, humor, intelligence, dedication to practice and liberation, and discernment.  Bill is someone who has absolutely walked the path and derived tremendous benefit from it, and has so much to share about real-life transformation.  He attunes marvelously to each person and situation, is not afraid to speak his mind, and shares with generosity and skill.  I most highly recommend his services; it is a great pleasure to spend time around Bill doing anything at all, but especially to engage with him in this work that is so dear to his heart.

Deborah Boyar PH.D., S.E.P
Senior Teacher, Waking Down In Mutuality

Bill is an awake and embodied human being, with a huge heart of love; a comportment of radical openness, curiosity and supportiveness when engaging others; and a luminous and discriminating wisdom-mind that continually embraces the best in novel emergences on the spiritual landscape. He is my brother and my friend – and I recommend him without reservation to you as a most trustworthy and grace-filled guide.Michael Schwartz, PHD
Kriya Yoga Tantra Teacher (Cobra Breaths)
Professor of the History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University (PhD, Columbia University)
Co-Founder, Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle www.comcontphilosophy.org/
Art and Aesthetics Editor, Integral Life  www.integrallife.com
Director, Integral Art and Media Center (IAM Center), Meta-Integral www.metaintegral.com/

Bill was kind enough to come to our office in Jersey City to lead a guided meditation as part of our events recognizing International Women’s Day.  He spoke to the group of the benefits of meditation and the nature of the practice, which was a very helpful introduction for people who have not done it before.  Bill then led us through a calming and spiritual meditation session that gave everyone a wonderful break in the busy work day.

Nina Markham | Chief Counsel – Mutual Funds & Retirement Solutions | Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc

Bill  is a gifted teacher of Mindfulness Meditation.
His professional training and experience in the field of meditation
Instruction informs his insightful understanding of the problems we
all face.
His guidance is uniquely helpful and comforting. I have found him to be a great
companion on this journey!

Erika B.
Retired Musician

The class has made me more reflective on the present moment and I am more patient.  It has helped me to not overreact in difficult situations.  Being in the moment adds to your life.

Jeanne C.
Professor of Nursing

Meditation is a way to unplug and refocus. It has helped me to tap into feelings of peacefulness and joy.  I learned that no matter what I am struggling with: it is better to not try so hard to control it and remember that the moment will pass.

Tara D.
Mother of small kids

The easiest and simplest way to change your life.
Elaine V.

The class was extremely helpful for me. I learned a lot. It is a lot of work and not easy but it’s worth the effort.

Joanne G. LSW
Social Worker

Establishing a schedule of daily meditation and mindfulness practices helps me clear my thoughts and think objectively when I’m under stress. In Bill’s class I learned a series of gentle, practical methods - focusing on breath, walking and yoga as anchors to achieve this.

Pradeep G.
Class Student