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Ecotherapy, Theory and Practice:  On 12/03/2011 Lily Truong MA and I, discussed the background of Ecotherapy and how she uses it in her work with Foster Youth in a group home setting. She is one of the first graduates from an Integrally informed academic institution. She has a Masters degree in Integral Psychology with a certificate in Ecotherapy from John F Kennedy University.  She has been passionate about individual and collective transformation for over 10 years.  Her study of The Diamond Approach has also influenced her perspective and work. Lily was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and has been living in California since 2000.




Leadership:  In this informative dialogue recorded on 11/14/2010, Executive Coach Mark Flashen and I explore what leadership is and how relevant it is during this time of immense cultural change and individual searching.  As Mark says; “Everyone has the capacity to be a leader as a natural self-expression.  The foundation of leadership lies in integrity, authenticity and having something bigger than oneself as a focus.  Being a leader is about being a player in life or being at cause in the matter of living, rather than merely reacting to whatever circumstances one is facing”.

Mark Flashen

Executive Coach 

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Art as a way of Life.May 12, 2015. Joanne Lee is interviewed by Bill Miller.  Joanne speaks about the place that art holds and has held in her life, and how it relates to her experience of embodied awakening.  


Geoff Oelsner’s Life: Art, Mysticism and Nature: Our Individual and Collective Call to Healing Ourselves and the Planet.  December 9, 2014. Geoff Olesner interviewed by Bill Miller.

Featured Songs:  Ordinary Mystery, Piney Green River, and Take Me to Your Side 
Featured Poetry: I practice Being the Earth, and First Waves of Flight 

The Tapestry of Being: Dharma for the 21st Century. July 30, 2015. Spiritual Teacher Krishna Gauci is interviewed by Bill Miller.  Krishna speaks about his rich experiences with religious and spiritual traditions, and his personal path of awakening which has lead to this unique Dharma teaching 


The Yoga of Awakening.March 9, 2015.Geri Portnoy is interviewed by Bill Miller. Geri speaks about how yoga can contribute to greater physical embodiment. She offers a short guided meditation, and speaks about her personal journey of embodied awakening.