Heart-Awakening   21st Century Spirituality

Consciousness, Form and Conscious Form


Beyond Time and Objects


Our discursive minds create an illusion of time (past-present-future) via the labeling, memory and anticipation. We have a reservoir of memory about our past (what has happened) and apprehension/excitement about our future (what will happen) as well as an anxious sense of me in the present (what is happening). This all seems very solid and beyond doubt in fact.


But what if the situation is not as solid as we thought? When we are living mindfully our sense of time changes and we can even lose a clear sense of it. We may say: “Wow… where did the time go!" or, "ugh...time is really dragging on" or perhaps when our minds completely stop like during a crisis or great joy (sense of I, me and mine falls away) we are so living our life, that the whole question of past and future seems absurd. During these moments, even the present seems a dream, certainly not a solid, definite thing.


Rather, empty of time.


Our discursive minds create an illusion of space (here-there, this-that) also via labeling, memory and anticipation. Once again it all seems so solid and beyond doubt. When the sense of I, me and especially mine falls away, like during a crisis or great joy, what is left?


No here-no there, no this-no that, no me-no you!?


Perhaps, empty of separation.


Endless Time and Objects


In practice we consider awareness itself which is empty of time and separation but we should also consider the radiance of manifest reality in all the splendor and preciousness of each and every one.


We can become preoccupied with the emptiness that is awareness itself and easily forget the radiant beauty of all things manifesting individually and uniquely, like the plant life on our nature walk or the scrumptiousness of a little squirrel sharing our park bench, or our own special gifts for the world.


This is the great paradox that befuddles the mind but gladdens the heart.


When our preoccupation with awareness only subsides, we notice the brilliance of all manifest things which upon deeper inquiry are known and felt to be both vast not constrained by time and object as well as uniquely precious and ecstatically demonstrated.


We don’t know any-thing and at the same time see and revel in and as all things.


Everywhere, Every when and Each one.


William Miller

September 15, 2013

copy right all rights reserved. William Miller