The Awakened Heart

takes ecstatic pleasure in and in fact is love’s labor fully embracing earthly existence with the urgency of one who has stopped resisting being here in a way that is unmistakable.  Most are so busy trying to escape this body, this earthly existence, reacting against all the offensive change of finite life, that they have no clue about the heart’s embrace.
The discovery of consciousness through meditation and other spiritual experiences as informing as that can be, often becomes our most tenacious attachment and form of escape and avoidance; this is where meditation and spiritual experiences become hindrances on the path.


Heart-Awakening   21st Century Spirituality

 Beyond the discovery of consciousness, deep in and as the Heart-Body, the whole body of manifestation, there

is a tacit understanding which actually does not understand any-thing and at the same time, sees and revels in

and as all things. We then discover ourselves and all of manifestation as effortless arising, un-caused like a

tidal wave or more like infinite tidal waves ………as you and me, with all our unique gifts which can flow freely

once we stop resisting Being Here, then this realm of change and complexity no longer offends us, on the

contrary, we are inspired to take up this labor as ourselves for the sake of Conscious Evolution.

William Miller

Activities:   group sittings, individual consultations, retreats, dialogues, blog……..

William Miller:  over 25 years studying meditation, consciousness and embodied conscious living in classic meditation settings and settings which have combined our cultural knowledge east and west.

A Masters level Social Worker over 20 years and lives in New Jersey.